1993 Mustang GT Track Car *FOR SALE*

Clean, well-maintained 93 Mustang GT track car. Great for high performance driving events. NASA American Iron or weekend open track fun. Fresh car that’s ready to run. DSS 331 forged short block. TFS 11R 170cc heads. TFS intake. TFS stage 2 cam. 370 horsepower at the wheels with 380 torque. T5 transmission. Maximum Motorsports torque arm and panhard bar. Tokico Illumina dampers. SN95 spindles, rear axle, and front control arms. Cobra brakes. Fresh Toyo RA1’s on brand-new 1993 Cobra R wheels. Spare 18″ Nitto NTo1’s on SVE drift wheels. Full cage with nascar bars. Recaro seats. Too much to list here. Nicely built, clean car. Can be street driven.




  • Clean and ready track car for cheaper than you can build it!